Consolidated Shipping Services From China to Malaysia

DYLE specialises in consolidated shipping services from China to Malaysia. China, with its large number of shopping platforms have always been a popular online shopping destination for Malaysians. With DYLE, our services include consolidated shipping via air freight and sea freight, purchasing services and also warehousing. For those who are purchasing from different sellers, we even consolidate all your parcels at our massive self-owned warehouse before shipping. With DYLE, you can enjoy the same low shipping rates by consolidating all your parcels with us!

We provide:

1. Consolidated sea freight shipping from China to Malaysia

2.  Air freight service from China to Malaysia

3. Taobao shipping to Malaysia

Being one of the most popular consolidated shipping companies in Malaysia, we take pride in providing the best services for our customers. With fast shipping times at the most competitive prices, shopping from popular China websites like Taobao and T-Mall has never been easier!