Taobao Shipping from China to Malaysia

Taobao is one of the most popular online shopping platforms! You always hear the phrase “if you want something good and affordable, just Taobao it!”. In recent years, shopping from Taobao has been made much more easier and convenient. When shipping was a challenge back then, nowadays companies like us here at DYL Express provide consolidated Taobao shipping to Malaysia. 

One of the main advantages when you engage with us is that we provide our own warehousing service for your consolidated shipping. When you buy from Taobao, chances are that you are purchasing from multiple sellers at the same time. Our warehouse in China allows you to consolidate your parcels before shipping them out in one go. This gives you the most affordable shipping fees across the board. 

Other than that, some sellers may require that you purchase with a registered Alipay or credit card in China. DYL Express also provides trusted purchasing services with minimal charges. Simply let us know your order and we’ll get everything sorted out for you with no hassle!

Once your items arrive at our warehouse, you can select from either sea freight or air freight from China to Malaysia. If you need your items fast, air freight is definitely recommended due to its shorter delivery time. Taobao shipping fees to Malaysia depends on the cargo load and also the mode of transport that you have chosen.

Taobao is a heaven for shoppers. Enjoy shopping as it is and leave the shipping part to us here at DYL Express.